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December 24, 2009

A to Z Challenge : K

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Kafka on the Shore121. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I suspect you either love this book or you don’t. If the reader falls for the slightly off centre world Murakami offers and goes along for the ride, he finds a poetic yet precise world where a strong, tough fifteen years old tries to make sense of his life, tries to survive and maybe, maybe finds solace and hope through a strange lucid dream like world. All the characters have a precise, jewel like quality to them. I especially liked the old man, Nakata who talks to cats, his partner in his quest, the young truck driver Hoshino who finds there is more in this world than driving a truck and Oshima, the library clerk who lives his life to the sound of his own drum.

I liked this book, some parts are just wonderful, others you don’t really know where Murakami is going and I suspect he doesn’t really know himself.

But you can easily not be enchanted by this book at all. It’s slow, it’s open ended, it’s non linear, it has things that in the end are not explained at all.

Me I don’t mind, I’d rather Murakami not explain.

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